Plant Extract

Licorice Extract Licorzinc Powder/N-(Hydroxymethyl)nicotinamide CAS 3569-99-1(GMP)

FHS BIOCHEM provide more than 25 licorice extract products, all of them are from professional licorice manufacturer certified by GMP and CEP.

Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate CAS 79165-06-3(GMP)

FHS BIOCHEM sell bulk diammonium glycyrrhizinate powder API, more than 25 licorice products available, and the manufacturer certified by GMP and CEP.

Quercetin CAS 117-39-5

Our factory has been certified with EUGMP, CGMP, ISO900102915, ISO22000, HACDP,WC, KOSHER, HALAL, SC, etc. Production and operation of food drug are strictly according to the corresponding quality management system. The main products are registered CEP, DMF, ND, etc. in Europe, America and China.

Epimedium Extract/Icariin Extract/ Icariln/ Ieariline/ Horny Goat Weed Extract CAS 489-32-7

FHS Biochem make it easier to buy epimedium extract from China, we are top 5 manufacturer more than 12 years experience. Free samples in stock available to ship to around the world.