Organic Intermediate

FHS biochem provide various organicl intermediate, free sample for test and bulk order quantity available for the clients from all over the world. Contat to us to get for more information.

Methyl p-toluenesulfonate/Methyl p-tosylate CAS 80-48-8

FHS Biochem not only sell Methyl p-toluenesulfonate/Methyl p-tosylate but also other chemicals, whatever you need is what we serve.

Guanidine hydrochloride/GuHCl/GdnHCl/GdmCl CAS 50-01-1

We provide medical grade and industrial grade guanidine hydrochloride/guHCl/gdnHCl/gdmCl, prepacked samples available.

Guanidine Carbonate 593-85-1

Guanidine Carbonate 593-85-1 is produced produced and controlled according to quality standards,guanidine hydrochloride and other API, amino acid, plant extract are available for service.

GBL/Gamma-Butyrolactone/BLO CAS 96-48-0

GBL is a fine chemical intermediates with the advantages of high solubility, good electrical property and high stability. It is a colorless and clear oily liquid with aromatic odor. It can completely be dissolved in water and soluble in ethanolm, diethyl ether, benzene and acetone. Many organics and inorganic compunds can be dissloved in GBL. It has wide range of applications in petrochemical, medicine,pesticide and etc.

Ethyldiisopropylamine/ DIEA/ EDIA CAS 7087-68-5

More than 12 years experience organic intermediates manufacturer in China to ensure the quality, smart transportation to help you save shipping cost and hours. Free sample available at any time for service.

2-Thiazolidinone; 2-Oxothiazolidine; NSC 122613; CAS 2682-49-7

More than 12 years in organic intermediate indstry, only offers top quality chemicals for clients, smart logistics system to make sure the shipment is fast and safe to all over the world.