Paracetamol/Acetaminophen/APAP Powder CAS 103-90-2

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Product name: Paracetamol

Synonyms: p-Hydroxyacetanilide; Acetaminophen; Paracetamol; N-Acetyl-4-aminophenol; APAP

CAS Registry Number: 103-90-2

Molecular Formula: C8H9NO2

Molecular Weight: 151.16

EINECS: 203-157-5

Molecular Structure:paracetamol powder price

Physicochemical property

Paracetamol powder is white, odourless, easy soluble in hot water,soluble in ethyl alcohol, acetone, insoluble in petroleum ether and benzene .

Paracetamol powder uses

Paracetamol powder uses for analgesic-antipyretic drug,the antipyretic effect  is similar to aspirin, weaker effect on analgesia, it is the best in acetanilines drugs, especially suit for the patience who can’t be applied by carboxylic acids.

It applies to cold, toothache.

It is also the organic synthesis intermediate, the stabilizer of  hydrogen peroxide.