Ephedrine Succedaneum (-)-Phenylephrine Hydrogentartrate CAS 17162-39-9

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Product name: (-)-Phenylephrine hydrogentartrate

Synonyms: (R)-[2-Hydroxy-2-(3-hydroxyphenyl)-ethyl)methylammonium-hydrogen-[R-(R*,R*)]-tartrate

 CAS Registry Number: 17162-39-9

Molecular Weight: 317.29Molecular Formula: C9H13NO2.C4H6O6 

EINECS: 241-219-3

Molecular Structure: (-)-Phenylephrine hydrogentartrate

Physicochemical property

It is white powder, odourless, bitter taste, and easy go metamorphic in light or air condition. It is easy soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethyl alcohol, insolubale in diethyl ether and chloroform.


It is used for antishock, such as the shock cause of anesthesia,toxic shock, cardiogenic shock (CGS) , etc.