Chenodeoxycholic Acid CAS 474-25-9

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Product name: Chenodeoxycholic acid

Synonyms: 3alpha,7alpha-Dihydroxy-5beta-cholanic acid; Chenodiol; CDCA

CAS Registry Number: 474-25-9

Molecular Formula: C24H40O4

Molecular Weight: 392.58

EINECS: 207-481-8

Molecular Structure: chenodeoxycholic acid  brand name

Physicochemical property

This product is colorless needle crystal, odourless, taste bitter. Virtually insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ice, slightly soluble in chloroform. 

Chenodeoxycholic acid made of chicken, duck, goose to wait to extracting bile. White or light yellow crystalline powder, Bitter in taste and odour. Mp141-142 degrees Celsius. In ethanol, chloroform and easily dissolved in water, virtually insoluble.
This product can make cholesterol synthesis and secretion, bile from the total cholesterol, so as to improve the solubility of cholesterol and bile, promote the cholesterol stone has to disintegrate and dissolve stone effect. This product in the gallbladder orally, and high concentrations of many ask deeply cycle. This product in the gut bacteria, easy decomposition with liver toxicity of metabolites.


To extract from chicken bile.

Chenodeoxycholic Acid Uses

1. Dissolve gallstone drugs. Used for the prevention and treatment of cholesterol gallstone and hyperlipidemia, sex of bravery pigment stone and mixed stones of also have certain effects. Symptoms of mild, gallbladder, biliary obstruction of the function of patients without good curative effect is good. Long-term use mild diarrhea, a minority of patients may have itching, dizziness, nausea and abdominal distension, individual patient can cause cramping and temporary transaminase eleations bravery. Pregnant women, women of child-bearing age, pancreatitis, stomach and liver cirrhosis, duodenal ulcer, biliary obstruction of hepatitis and the disabled.
2. The goods as cholesterol gallstone sex of dissolved. Mainly used for the prevention and treatment of cholesterol sex cholelith disease.
3. Applicable to prevention and treatment of cholesterol gallstone

Production methods

With goose (chicken bile) from the process of bile acid deoxidizing goose chicken bile, goose by NaOH to digest, hydrolysis acidification have total bile, HCI with degrease gasoline, ethanol defatted to acid deoxidizing goose was in ethanol and barium chloride into salt to BeiYan acid deoxidizing goose with ethyl acetate and barium must pass off HCI crystallization of ethyl acetate washing dry to acid deoxidizing goose. The total yield of chicken bile (or goose 1.92%).