Benzocaine Powder CAS 94-09-7

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Product name: benzocaine
Synonyms: anaesthesine, benzocaine BP98, anesthesin, parathesin; auralgan otic; Ethyl aminobenzoate; Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate
CAS Registry Number: 94-09-7
Molecular Formula: C9H11NO2
Molecular Weight: 165.19
EINECS: 202-303-5
Density: 1.17
Melting point: 89-92 ºC
Boiling point: 172 ºC (17 torr)

Flshing point: 164.2±17.9 °C
Molecular Structure:


The benzocaine powder should be kept in dark and confined space.

Physicochemical property
Colorless or white rhombic crystal powder Odorless, slightly bitter taste, it will change color when in the light. hardly soluble in water, slightly soluble in fatty oil, soluble in dilute acid, ethyl alcohol  , diethyl ether , chloroform, almond oil, olive oil.

1. The benzocaine is used for local anesthetic. It has great persistance, low toxicity.
2. It is mainly used in relieve itching , relieve pain .
3. It also can be used in ultraviolet light absorber, used in sunscreen


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Benzocaine Powder COA

COA-benzocaine, fhs biochem


Raw Powder for Anesthesia or Analgesia

1).  Procaine; Novocaine  CAS 59-46-1

2).  Lidocaine; Xylocaine; lignocaine CAS 137-58-6

3).  Lidocaine hydrochloride CAS 73-78-9

4). Benzocaine; Benzocaine BP98; Anesthesin; Parathesin; Auralgan Otic CAS 94-09-7

5). Oxybuprocaine  CAS 99-43-4

6). Oxybuprocaine hydrochloride  CAS 5987-82-6

7). Tetracaine CAS 94-24-6

8). Tetracaine hydrochloride CAS 136-47-0

9). Bupivacaine  CAS 2180-92-9

10). Bupivacaine hydrochloride CAS 14252-80-3

11). Pramocaine; Pramoxin; Proxazocain; Tronopthane; Tronotene CAS 140-65-8

12). Dyclonine  CAS 586-60-7

13). Ropivacaine  CAS 84057-95-4

14). Ropivacaine hydrochloride  CAS 132112-35-7

15). Prilocaine hydrochloride CAS 1786-81-8

16). Articaine CAS 23964-58-1

17). Proparacaine  CAS 298-50-0

18). Benzocaine hydrochloride CAS 23239-88-5

19). Levobupivacaine  CAS 27262-47-1

20). Proparacaine hydrochloride  CAS  5875-06-9

21). Prilocaine  CAS 721-50-6

22). Mepivacaine hydrochloride CAS  1722-62-9

23). Ropivacaine mesylate CAS 854056-07-8