Boldenone Powder CAS 846-48-0

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Product name: Boldenone Powder

Synonyms: 1-Dehydrotestosterone; 17b-Hydroxyandrosta-1,4-dien-3-one

CAS Registry Number: 846-48-0

Molecular Formula: C19H26O2

Molecular Weight: 286.41

EINECS: 212-686-0

Appearance :white powder


Molecular Structure: 


Boldenone  Uses

Boldenone (developmental code name RU-18761), also known as Δ1-testosterone, is a naturally occurring anabolic androgenic steroid  and 1 (2)-dehydrotestosterone analogue. Boldenone itself has never been listed; as a drug, it is used as laurate undecenoate boldenone.

Like other s, boldenone is an agonist of the androgen receptor (AR). Bronone's activity is mainly anabolic and has low androgenic potency. Boldenone increases nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, increases appetite, and stimulates the release of erythropoietin from the kidney. Boldenone was synthesized to make metandienone for long-acting injections for androgen deficiency. The effect of Boldenone is similar to metandienone, with less adverse androgenic effects. Although usually compared to nandrolone, Bordenone lacks progesterone receptor interactions and related progestin side effects.

The effect of boldenone is very intuitive. As a body-tolerant steroid, it is safe for most users to increase anabolic activity in the body. Before using it as a performance enhancer, medical boldenone achieved some success. It was used to treat muscle loss and osteoporosis, but was eventually replaced by other steroids. As for veterinary boldenone, it is usually used to make it on the horse to increase lean body mass, partly because it can increase appetite. This is the reason why many athletes use the Boldenone, but everyone's response is not the same. Boldenone may be most effective for those who urgently need to increase caloric intake.

As a drug to increase muscle circulation during the offseason, the Brondanone can bring about an increase in lean body mass, but the effect is relatively slow and will lag behind other steroids. Drugs such as Deka Dole Bao Ling, Healing Dragon, or Dianbu Dian have a much better muscle-building effect; however, Healing Dragon and Dilibu often cause serious water problems. However, it has been reported that some athletes have a strong effect when they use it as an add-on drug instead of the steroids used during the offseason muscle cycle. Especially when loss of appetite is your problem, Boldenone can be particularly effective. So, in fact, the role of anabolic steroids is not just to increase muscle dimensions.

Another well-known property of the brand is that it can boost strength. Compared to increasing the dimension during the off-season to increase strength, it may be more effective when it is used to enhance the performance of athletes. However, the disadvantage is that it is detected for a long period of time after injection, and sometimes it can take up to five months. This becomes an obstacle for athletes to use it. But there is no doubt that Baodanke has excellent effects on the growth of power and the improvement of dimensions, and the user's ability to recover will also be improved.

Boldenone can also be used as a fat-reducing steroid drug. In fact, this is the most effective method of use. This anabolic steroid has an excellent effect on muscle retention. Regardless of whether or not you use steroids, you must ensure that the calories burned are greater than the calories you consume during the fat loss period. Unfortunately, the state of this calorie deficit is likely to result in muscle wastage. A reasonable diet can protect your muscles, but it only does so much. Without steroids, your muscles will definitely be consumed during the fat loss period. Boldenone can keep muscles to a maximum, and it can also adjust the body state very well. However, in the fat-loss cycle of most athletic bodybuilders, it is generally used as an early-stage drug. Normally, when the cycle is progressed to the latter half of the time, to avoid the side effects of estrogen, the use of bodinone will be stopped. Although the side effects of the hormone estrogen are not strong, it is generally safe at this stage to avoid any drugs that may have side effects in this area.

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